Gourmet Dining at Source Peru

Food & Dining


One of the many things that our guests rave about is the food here at The Source.

Guests enjoy delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner meals daily in our large dining area in the lower level of the lodge. Meals are prepared in the industrial open kitchen by our talented chefs according to guests’ dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc) and using locally sourced organic produce including many offerings from our own vegetable gardens and fruit trees. We have an extensive array of wonderful menu items that can accommodate virtually any diet, including raw foods.

Breakfast is offered buffet-style with fresh juices, nut milks, fruit salad, gluten-free granola, bread, guacamole and/or almond cheese, sliced tomatoes with olives, and fresh eggs to order.

Both lunch and dinner are presented as scrumptious and filling three-course meals with an option for non-medicine groups to add dessert. Some groups have requested meals “to go” when they’ve gone off on day-long adventures and of course we are more than happy to pack eco-friendly brown bag meals with a variety of nutritious and easily transportable foods.

We offer all groups the option to incorporate a Pachamanca (earth oven) dinner, which is a traditional Andean style of preparing food. A large, heated rocks are positioned in a hole in the ground and the food – usually various forms of potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, chicken and fish – is placed on top and covered to create a natural oven. Once the food is ready, it is served buffet style with a number of dipping sauces and a variety of salads. This is hands-down one of our guests’ favorite meals!


Outside of meal times a variety of self-serve fruits, teas and purified water are always available throughout your stay.

Please note that if you choose to incorporate Ayahuasca into your retreat, your menu will be Ayahuasca diet appropriate yet still maintain the delicious gourmet standard that we offer for non-plant medicine retreats. All meals for retreats that incorporate Ayahuasca are free from:

  • artificial sugars
  • dairy products
  • pork, red meat, animal fats (lard, etc)
  • soy sauce & other fermented soy products
  • vinegar
  • hot spices, chilies & other hot peppers
  • raw onions (we do use cooked onions, which are ok)

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Thank you all so much for providing such a humble and loving environment to do this work in. I feel renewed, transformed, cleansed and ready to bring it all home. This week has been amazing not only for what I have gone through but also because of the incredible people that have shared in the journey. I will see you all again soon!
AlSeattle, WA
How can I express my deepest gratitude for creating and holding such a sacred space. Such beautiful people and such warm hearts. I will be forever grateful for your medicines which allowed me to breakthrough to a higher level of mystery, to transform and remember myself. Thank you, eternally grateful.
CharleneMontreal, Canada
How can I begin to describe what this week has meant to me?  Incredible location, incredible facilities, incredible people, incredible ceremonies.  Thank you for holding such a space and offering this newly discovered spiritualist an opportunity to find meaning and additional interpretation for my life.  The universe means so much to me now, I’m even thankful!
BrettSeattle, WA
I arrived here unknowing but open minded.  The first 4 days were a battle within – one that I was not confident I was ready to fight.  I was surrounded by love and encouraged to continue letting go of my fears.  What a beautiful gift I was presented with for my courage!  Thank you so much for this place, the people you attract, the amazing food, the healing that is given and the MAGIC!
MollySeattle, WA
I am so thankful for this place on Earth, it truly is “The Source”. The source of my evolution, discovery, profound insight, new beginnings and perspectives of TRUTH. I am learning here with a greater awareness than I could have ever hoped for and with that greater awareness comes greater responsibility. I will live what I have learned and accept this responsibility. My journey is far from complete, I will see you again.
TroyProvidence, RI
My life is full of compassion and love! The experience for me was unexpected and profound, with new insights about what I can do with my future along with a better understanding of the importance of keeping my body strong and healthy as a vessel for my spirit. Wonderful people all!
DarrelSeattle, WA
Thank you guys for manifesting one of the the most amazing places on Earth.  Thank you for all the hard work and effort to make it possible for people to transform their lives.  What an amazing week, never to be forgotten.  I love you all!
DianeDallas, TX
The most beautiful place on Earth! Powerful, total, self transformative work. Huge healing…love yourself, love yourself. Thank you, I love you guys.
JustinGreenwich, CT
Finding such a place has been a true blessing. Knowing that what has taken place here will continue to unfold in the rest of my life is a great gift. Once I am away, I will be looking forward to making my way back. Love you all.
WilliamSeattle, WA
It is rare in life to experience the divine. People, place and level of consciousness surrounded by love. The Source opens life and our connection to the divine. Bless you and thank you.
LeslieAustin, TX