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The Temple


The magnificent temple is the crowning jewel here at The Source. It consists of a number of design elements – including crystals, sacred geometry, the four sacred elements & directions, and archetypes/deities – that support the sacredness and healing potential of the space.


The temple has been constructed as a 3D crystal grid, with approximately1000lbs of crystals distributed throughout the floor, walls and ceiling.

The varying types of crystals were specifically chosen for their range of abilities such as protection, cleansing, healing, and shamanic work.  Laid beneath the flower of life symbol in the floor are numerous obsidian, meteorite, amethyst, quartz and other supportive crystals that form precise outline of the flower of life symbol directly above.

Suspended in the center of the iron seed of life and huge skylight in the ceiling is a 35lb double-terminated quartz crystal with a rose quartz seated on top. Their twins are buried directly beneath the floor below. The upper quartz crystal absorbs the sun’s energy, is hot to touch, and points downward to direct the sun’s energy into the center of the room. The lower quartz, whose tip is just barely below the floor, is cold to the touch and points straight up to direct the earth’s energy into the center of the room.

There is a natural altar rock formation on the north side of the temple on which is seated a beautiful, large Buddha statue flanked by alternating clear quartz and black obsidian obelisks. These stunning crystals represent the intertwining yin/yang light/dark energies. At the top of the altar rock, in the place where the crystals would meet like a prism creates a rainbow, sits a magnificent rainbow pyramid of labradorite.


Sacred Geometry

The pattern in the beautiful wood flooring is designed based on sacred geometry. The flower of life symbol – which is a linear representation of a six-pointed star rather than the box form representation of an actual six pointed star – is portrayed in the center of the room; a dark tinted, six-pointed star fractals out from it; a light, tinted six-pointed star fractals out from the dark one; and a circle encompasses the entire floor.

The six-pointed star is a symbol of unity; it’s basically 2 triangles merged together and pointing in opposite directions to create a whole new symbol. As above so below, male/female, etc.  It’s essentially a geometric version of the light/dark union of duality.

The ceiling is constructed using the same geometry and acts as a mirror to the design on the floor.  There is a dark tinted star situated exactly beneath the hexagonal glass skylight in the roof; and when you connect every other corner of a hexagon the resulting shape is a six-pointed star. Again, the theme of opposites emerges – the frame and the shape inside. As above, so below.

The metal frame suspended beneath the skylight is a single ‘seed’ from the flower of life on the floor below. When the sun is directly overhead during the day, the shadow from the skylight shape exactly frames the dark six-pointed star on the floor and the shadow of the seed ‘plants’ itself exactly over the center spot of the flower. You could imagine the flower then growing and remaking the seed and the cycle starts again.

The glass skylight allows the sunlight and the moonlight to cleanse and reenergize the temple space. And, here in the Valley, the sun is consistent in terms of where it rises and sets, and therefore brings friendly chaotic/random/irregular energy with where and how it shines throughout the temple through the course of the day.

Depending on where you sit or stand in the space, the view through the huge glass skylight is either of the 100ft waterfall or of the majestic Pitusiray Apu that stands watch over the property.


In recesses around the top of the temple wall are statues of 12 deities that at a basic level represent archetypes and happen to cover the major religions in the world.  Each deity can mean different things to different people, which allows the temple to become interactive on an individual basis.  In addition, there are larger deity statues positioned in key locations around the temple.

The Four Sacred Directions & Elements

There are four altars built into the walls of the temple, each marking one of the four sacred directions – East, South, West and North. In addition, each directional alter represents one of the four elements – Wind, Water, Fire, Earth. Each alter holds in it a crystal or item that represents the element that the altar honors.

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Thank you all so much for providing such a humble and loving environment to do this work in. I feel renewed, transformed, cleansed and ready to bring it all home. This week has been amazing not only for what I have gone through but also because of the incredible people that have shared in the journey. I will see you all again soon!
AlSeattle, WA

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