Why Ayahuasca and what it can do for you

Why Ayahuasca?

The Short Answer

People choose to take Ayahuasca for a variety of reasons, including treatment of depression or addiction, for spiritual reasons, physical ailments, post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological issues. We have seen people from all walks of life experience this incredible plant medicine and come away with significant change in their lives, whether it was health-related, spiritual, or general outlook. With the right attitude and open-minded approach to Ayahuasca, shift happens.


The Deeper Answer

Why Ayahuasca? Because people in the West NEED it.  Simple, gentle practices like meditation and yoga and gentle are wonderful and should be used along with plant medicines but on their own they do not dig deep enough, fast enough for what modern people are dealing with.  Those practices were developed long before humans were inundated with technology – there was no TV, no advertising, no phones – and the stresses of modern living. There were very few distractions back then.  For a modern person it is nearly impossible to sit down and meditate and find a beneficial end result in short time.  Yes, eventually you could get very similar benefits to Ayahuasca; however, with meditation you would have to devote many months in a row solely in meditative practice.  For most people, that is simply not a practical option in this day and age.

Plant medicines like Ayahuasca are intense and create a powerful, undeniable and not so subtle experience that initiates and allows an automatic rebalancing of your system.  As a bonus, you can tap into types of experiences and knowledge that would take a very long time via meditation. And there can be great healing in knowing that there is more out there and seeing it in ceremony, even if that experience isn’t completely held onto afterwards.  There are some unique things about plant medicine that you won’t access with meditation or other practices and vice versa; they are not at odds with one another.

Plant medicines can help to make shifts in individuals that can in turn help to shift the world.  Westerners, especially, have been cut off from the understanding of the non-physical world which includes a great number of things, including the other half of reality. Many people are experiencing just a tiny bit of reality, which leads them to become sick and unhappy. Many mental and emotional disorders can be dramatically helped and/or resolved with plant medicines.

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