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Why Source Peru

Whether you are interested in joining us for one of our Ayahuasca retreats or to bring a group to the center with your own focus, with or without plant medicine, Source Peru gives you the opportunity to immerse in the serenity and peace of the sacred Peruvian mountains in a beautifully appointed environment.

Our vision was to create a place for people to experience the amazing benefits of plant medicines, and in particular Ayahuasca. We believe in sharing the path to finding deep healing and authentic spiritual experience in a comfortable, edge of luxury space in the Sacred Valley of Peru, one of the most beautiful settings in the world. And it’s no coincidence that the beautiful, powerful ancient ruins and energies of Machu Picchu are not too far away.

Our practical approach to the world of Ayahuasca offers a unique perspective – the result of merging multiple practices and philosophies – in an authentic and supportive environment. We maintain the highest level of integrity and safety in all that we do with the intent to support our guests in their quest to do serious, deep inner work for real and lasting change.

The shamans and facilitators who guide the Ayahuasca ceremonies at The Source have been handpicked to ensure that the ceremonies consistently deliver safe, authentic, high-quality experiences for everyone involved. At Source Peru we offer a blend of traditional and non-traditional approaches to plant medicine and natural healing.

In addition to our own retreat offerings, we welcome private group retreats of all descriptions. And any of our ceremonies – plant medicine, sweat lodge, despachos and more – is available to add to your private group retreat itinerary.

Whether your focus is plant medicine, meditation, yoga, writing, journeying, fitness, team building, or a corporate get-away mind-meld, the Source Peru team is here to support you in every way. Each member of the Source Peru family thinks of this space as home and is ready to attend to all of your needs so that you can drop deep into the self-discovery, personal healing, and exploration that you’ve come here to do.


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Thank you all so much for providing such a humble and loving environment to do this work in. I feel renewed, transformed, cleansed and ready to bring it all home. This week has been amazing not only for what I have gone through but also because of the incredible people that have shared in the journey. I will see you all again soon!
AlSeattle, WA

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