Luxury Facilities at Source Peru


Main Lodge

The upper level of the main lodge at Source Peru boasts an extensive lending library filled with over 1000 books sure to be of interest to our guests. Topics include philosophy, spirituality, yoga, shamanism, plant medicines, poetry, fiction, health & wellness, and more. Several large, comfy leather sofas divide the space and invite guests to cozy up to the large stone fireplace.

Extending from the lodge, the covered outdoor terrace overlooks the beautiful grounds, the magical ceremony space and the magnificent Apus (mountains) that tower above the property. Comfy sofas and chairs and cozy alpaca blankets entice you to spend some time outside sipping maté and watching the hummingbirds and butterflies dance by.

Back inside the lodge, we also have a broad array of board and card games for guests’ use and a massive octagonal table with eight armchairs at which to play them…or to hold meetings. To round out the lodge experience for our non-plant medicine retreat guests there is a large drop-down viewing screen and projector with sound system available for presentations or movie nights.

Ceremony Space / Yoga Studio

This very special space is the crowning jewel on the grounds as it contains more than 1000lbs of varying types of crystals embedded in the floor, walls and ceiling.

The beautiful wood flooring is designed based on sacred geometry. The flower of life symbol is portrayed in the center of the room; a dark, six-pointed star fractals out from it; a light, six-pointed star fractals out from that one; and a circle encompasses the entire floor.

The ceiling is constructed using the same geometry and acts as a mirror to the design on the floor.  There is a dark star situated exactly beneath the glass skylight in the roof, which is a hexagon; and when you connect every other corner of a hexagon the resulting shape is a six-pointed star. As above, so below.

The metal frame suspended beneath the skylight is a single ‘seed’ from the flower of life on the floor below. Suspended in the center of the seed and skylight is a 35lb double-terminated quartz crystal with a rose quartz seated on top. Their twins are buried directly beneath the floor below.

Depending on where you sit or stand in the space, the view through the gigantic skylight is either of the 100ft waterfall or the majestic Apus that stand guard over the property. On a clear night the moon and stars shine brightly through the enormous skylight and cast beautiful beams of light across the room.

This large, magical ceremony space / yoga studio can accommodate more than 60 mats and features climate control through radiant heating. In addition, the ceremony space incorporates a beautifully finished bathroom with five stalls and one hot water shower.

The space is generously stocked with foam and fabric yoga mats, wooden blocks, fabric straps, eye pillows and medium-sized bolsters to augment your yoga practice. For ceremonies, we have an abundance of thick padded mats, pillows and both wool and poly blankets. We also bring out the bolsters for the utmost in comfort.

For more detailed insight into the geometry and design of the ceremony space, visit The Temple page.


Source Peru’s professional bodywork practitioners offer onsite services ranging from basic Swedish and Deep Tissue massage to more intuitive and profound work including Shamanic Craniosacral massage, Rebalancing Bodywork, Indian Head Massage and Reiki.


The outdoor space is carefully laid out to provide quiet areas to immerse in nature, meditation or personal practices. Yoga and mediation sessions can be held outside on the lawn amid the cascading water features that flow throughout the property.

If you feel the call for some exercise and exploring, you’ll find the trail that leads to the base of a beautiful 100ft waterfall is just outside our door.

Laundry, Wi-Fi & Electrical

Though Source Peru is located in a beautiful, secluded spot in the Scared Valley, conveniences such as laundry service, including wash, line-dry and fold, and 24hr Wi-Fi (in the main lodge) are available and included in your stay. Please note that by design, Wi-Fi is not available in the guest rooms as we encourage everyone to relax and disconnect from technology as much as possible while here.

The electrical service in Peru is 220V, which is greatly different than the standard North American 110V service. However, all of our power outlets are configured to North American Type B (3-pronged) standards so the majority of cell phone and computer electronics can be plugged directly into the socket without a converter. Always check that your electronic appliance has internal 110/220V capacity before plugging in J We have adapters and converters on hand in the event that your electronics need some voltage switching in order to work here.

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Thank you all so much for providing such a humble and loving environment to do this work in. I feel renewed, transformed, cleansed and ready to bring it all home. This week has been amazing not only for what I have gone through but also because of the incredible people that have shared in the journey. I will see you all again soon!
AlSeattle, WA

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